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The Red Bandana Bakery || Featured Friday

The -Red-Bandana-Bakery

Jaimie is the power behind The Red Bandana Bakery. Having a storefront business is a completely different ball game than just running a business from your home with on location services.

During our photo session Jaimie shared with me some of the challenges she faced while kicking off the storefront portion of her bakery. Jaimie was rented kitchen space for her bakery until last year when she decided it was time to get her own place to run out of.

Jaimie started the process and found that the contracting was much more tedious than planned. Like many contracting gigs, Jaimie’s bakery was behind on schedule for opening but Jaimie dealt with this speed bumps and continued working hard on her bakery. The Red Bandana Bakery is very red! As you might have guessed. Jaimie wanted to have a very American vibe to her business because often times bakeries are French styled. The bright red that The Red Bandana is styled with is about as American as it gets!

The Red Bandana Bakery storefront opened last fall, November 11, 2017 in Downtown Bethesda right off Wisconsin Ave. Super easy to get to, and if you don’t find street parking there are garages nearby.

The Red Bandana Bakery’s treats are all gluten free. One of The Red Bandana Bakery’s core values is creating healthy options for their clients to consume. They are mindful of what they put into their desserts, so you can indulge and enjoy without worrying about what you are putting into your body!

The Red Bandana Bakery also makes some delicious breads and other goodies. If you are local, I suggest dropping in for a coffee date! The Red Bandana bakery also does custom orders for events, if you have a wedding, birthday party, or any reason to celebrate The Red Bandana can add the sweet treats to the party!

Check out some of the cakes Jaimie made that we had the joy of photographing.

Go check out their Instagram @TheRedBandanaBakery

The -Red-Bandana-Bakery
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