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Katy & Co.
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Let us help you!

We want to support you while you grow your business and focus on what you are truly passionate about. 

As a business owner you wear so many hats. It is challenging to always be changing those hats while not being able to focus on what matters most to you!


That’s where we come in, let us handle the pieces of your business that cut into your ability to be creative, cultivate client relationships, or find joy in doing what you love.

When you work with us, you will experience the ability to keep your favorite hat on more regularly and for longer as we deliver quality and thoughtful work that propels your business forward.

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Monthly Strategy Meetings

Social Media Content

Pinterest Strategies

Blog Content

Email Marketing and Campaigns

Copy and Editing

Pinterest Account Optimization

Why work with us?

The benefits of having virtual assistance are extensive; you will find more time to focus on the parts of your business that you find the most rewarding. The flexibility that you gain allows you to give time for your family, hobbies, and passions in the most impactful ways. All while having confidence that your business is being cared for by other passionate people that know the ins and outs of what it takes to find success.

Katy and Co. delivers high quality work and we know how to look through your unique lens while doing so. We bring a connectivity that goes beyond the pages of your computer screen and instills the confidence and experience that will feel like you are checking items off your to-do list while being far away from your keyboard.

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Blog Writing

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to build SEO, educate your clients, and turn fans into customers. But it is time consuming – it takes research and the space to eliminate distractions while turning on your “writing voice”.

We can do this efficiently and effectively! Let us figure out what keywords are best for your business and put them to work for you so that you can publish regular content that helps you rank higher in search engines and gives your audience the value they are seeking.


Pinterest Management

If you haven’t learned about the benefits of Pinterest, we would love the opportunity to share them with you. If you already understand the power of Pinterest, then you know how much effort this takes to constantly create graphics that offer value while constantly driving traffic to your business.

We know exactly how to create content that will drive viewers to your website or platform and how to optimize the effectiveness of the captions and titles on this excellent tool.


Social Media Management

You have seen countless influencers be able to turn their social media channels into an audience that wants to shower them with views and engagement and business!

We understand that the most important ingredient to this is consistency. Working with us will ensure that content is always being pushed out to your following, or even better, growing your following and developing fans that trust you while always waiting for that next post to pop into their feed.


Full Virtual Assistant Services

Piecemealing content together can make for an incohesive and chaotic feel to your strategy at times. It is always valuable to outsource a little at a time as your able, but when you get to the place in your business where partnering with another firm to make the most of large to-do list, working with one person to accomplish that in a cohesive and organized way is invaluable in creating an organic and natural feel.

That is always our goal when working with our clients, we want to share your message and your voice in everything we do. By partnering with us in multiple aspects of your business we will be able to develop a strategy where your outreach is connective and reaches peak efficiency.

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