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I am Katy Murray.
A believer, wife, and mother.
I love adventure. Any adventure.
I love to travel. Anywhere.
Road trips are my favorite.
I've been to 48 states and 14 countries.
I tend to plan, too often. I like routine.
I try to see the good in every day.
I'm learning to fully trust God and his plan for me.
I dream, way too much.
I LOVE socks, cute socks, fuzzy socks, warm socks, socks!


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states and countries visited


married to my best friend

socks owned

This all started on a road trip from Oregon to Indiana. I had my camera in tow and snapping photos of all the gorgeous landscapes.

I gifted frame photos as gifts for Christmas and the rest is history. 

My portrait business blossomed from there.

Now, I am an online educator, brand photographer and helping others grow their dream!

The Start