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Stephanie Gould Calligraphy | Featured Friday

Stephanie Gould Calligraphy creates custom invitations, day of paper, signage, envelope addressing, design, and anything that the client can come up with creatively and wants to capture in their vision.


We’ve worked with Stephanie on a number of projects. Click here to see more of her amazing work. Holiday themed Session

Chevy Chase Anniversary Session

Holiday Inspired Wedding

What is the inspiration for your business? How did you get started?

I have always loved lettering and have done small gifts for family and friends here and there that have that personalized touch. It really got started when I was planning for my own wedding that I REALLY fell in love with the whole concept of designing from start to finish. I did all of the creating myself from our save the dates, invitations, bridal shower decor, signage, and even our wedding favors and welcome bags. I did it all of myself because one, we’re on a budget, and two, I really loved exercising the left part of my brain. Everyone kept telling me it was more of a hassle if I did it myself, but I found it to be really relaxing in such a stressful time of planning and running around. I want to provide that to other brides too – a chance for their vision to come to life fitting their budget and their needs.

What is your best advice for a bride-to-be?

My best advice would be to just take a moment on the wedding day to look at your partner and then look around the room. The love that you feel is so intense and overwhelming but in a really, really good way. It just is a moment of calm that you get to take in all that you had envisioned with all the people that you had envisioned.

What is your favorite thing about a wedding day?

I think my favorite thing about a wedding day is seeing it all come together. I think that people have these visions of how they want things to be and just to see that interpreted by all of the amazing vendors and people that work together to make it happen is just beautiful. Real and caring vendors really get to know the bride and groom at their best and worst. How they are there to support and just put it all together is amazing and really shows how much people love to help one another.

What are your goals for 2019?

Grow, grow, and grow! I want to grow the business. I want to grow my partnerships and networking. And last but not least I want to grow as a person by supporting, helping, and caring for these other small businesses just like mine. It’s only fair that we show a lot of love since our business do run on the business of love!

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

I would say failing or being good enough is a big fear. It’s failing from not being able to meet someone’s expectations all the way to failing as a business. It’s hard to look at others who are in the business just like you who are soaring high. You get excited for them but then you think “is there room for me?”. However, at the end of the day, each and every person in the industry offers their own unique style, and I think that’s what makes this industry so awesome. There’s overlap for that style and you get to meet all of these wonderful business owners and you can LEARN. Learning from failure is key. As cliché as it sounds, failure really is the key to success!

What characteristics does your ideal client carry?

I love an honest client. I really try to stress in brides especially when I’m designing a whole bundle of things from invitation suites to signage. Custom means it’s your vision. I want to make that vision come to life. I would rather you be honest with me and tell me a million things wrong, so I can fix them a million times and end up with a product you love rather than fix it once or twice and you settle for a product that’s okay. I just love the honest client. It helps me to be a better creator and helps me to be a better designer asking the right questions and looking out for my client.

I really love getting to know my clients first in order to pour their personality into anything I do, especially custom work. I think the world revolves around relationships and I love to create new ones!

Stephanie Gould Calligraphy website: email: instagram: @stephgcallig facebook: /stephgcallig

Based in the DMV, but offers products nationwide.

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