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Lorraine & Co. Events, LLC || Featured Fridays Series

Lorraine & Co. Events, LLC offers Day-of Coordination, Month-of Coordination, partial planning and event design services.

Kathryn of Lorraine & Co. Events, LLC grew up watching her mom host parties all the time. Since a young age Kathryn enjoyed having people come together to celebrate an occasion or ‘just because’. Lorraine & Co. Events, LLC best advice for a bride-to-be is to make the day ‘yours’! Find ways to incorporate both your and your fiancé’s personalities. This will make your big day even more special and memorable.

Kathryn’s favorite thing about a wedding day is being able to make the couple’s vision come to life by designing and setting up the space. Entering 2020 Kathryn would like to collaborate and work with more and different people within the industry.

What keeps you motivated to face the challenges small business owners face?

As corny as it is, I have to say my husband. He’s been nothing but accepting and encouraging throughout this journey and is also a great listener and business partner.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

My biggest fear, as I think may be for a lot of small business owners, is failure. I manage this fear by making checklists, taking notes, and always trying to find a way to learn more in order to better myself and my business.

Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most? And why?

I would have to say Missy from PrettyLittleWeddingCo. Her style and business concept is genius, who doesn’t love already made tablescapes that look like they just popped out of your Pinterest board?! She’s so talented, and extremely nice and genuine.

I asked Kathryn if she were a flower which would she be. Kathryn’s answer was a Peonies, because before they bloom, they bud very tightly. For her, she finds herself being more reserved the first few times she interacts with people but over the course of time she begins opening up and showing ‘herself’.

How do you balance your time? Personal and professional

I’m a list and calendar person, I must write everything down on paper in order for me to get my mind cleared. I know that to have a successful business, I must rejuvenate myself every now and then, so I try to reserve 2 nights a week for no email or social media checks, and just spending time with my husband and our 2 dogs.

Lorraine & Co. Events, LLC

Lorraine & Co. Events, LLC is based in Annapolis, MD Serving: Annapolis Area, Eastern Shore, D.C., Partial Baltimore

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