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In the Mix: Cake + Coffee || Featured Friday

In the Mix: Cake + Coffee

In the Mix: Cake + Coffee is a baking business where they create rustic naked cakes. The cakes are great for any occasion, like a baby shower, gender reveal, bridal shower, engagement party, birthday party of even a simple Friday night celebration!


In the Mix: Cake + Coffee started by Samuel making cakes for fun, he would do them here and there. As people experienced his cakes & enjoyed the flavors they started asking about his future plans with the cakes. People began ordering cakes from him and he was shocked to see his talent blossom into something more than just making cakes from time to time.

I met Samuel in a roundabout way late last year, and we’ve done a handful of projects together since! In the Mix: Cake + Coffee is inspired by creating baked goods that can fit any genre and price point. Samuel loves seeing his client’s reaction and watching them celebrate in the excitement of their event. He also loves seeing his client’s vision come to life! From a sketch to a delicate cake it’s so rewarding to see the full process come together for his client.

In the Mix: Cake + Coffee hopes to make more cakes throughout 2019 and offering a larger variety of options. While also focusing on growing their presence on social media and being active on Instagram.

Samuel said if he were another profession he would want to be an interior designer because he enjoys decorating. You’ll see this evident in his cake decorating because he often adds fruits, flowers, or different treats to his cakes to decorate them! If Samuel is not baking, trying new recipes, or doing homework he is enjoying his day with his parents, his twin, his brothers, and playing with his dogs, fluffy and Oreo.

In the Mix: Cake + Coffee is a uniquely run bakery… As Samuel is only 13 years old! Samuel stays motivated to face his challenges because he knows he has a bright future ahead for him. Samuel is doing something that not every kid does, he’s paving a way for himself and he’s proud of it! He couldn’t do it without God, his parents, brothers, family, friends and vendors who are a support and encouragement for him.

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