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Featured Friday | Ribbon & Ink

Meet Katie of Ribbon & Ink.

Ribbon & Ink is a wedding branding business. Ribbon & Ink give couples a brand board that includes a logo, alternate logos, monogram logos, color palette, fonts and patterns. Then Ribbon & Ink uses these items to creak the couple’s print products, such as custom invitations. The couple can also share this board with other vendors to keep a cohesive look to their wedding day theme.

Katie also does branding for wedding artists, including their brand boards, website, blogs and collateral. This is how her business started, then she branched into helping couple’s on their big day!

I asked Katie, “What is your favorite thing about a wedding day?” Watching the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle. Hands down.

“What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?” I’m a big soccer fan so my family and I watch all the DC United games. I also journey to my family’s beach house in Ocean City, Maryland where I love to go crabbing in the marsh with chicken necks. I have a one year old who keeps me super busy as well.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear? “Not making enough money to live comfortably. Is that too cliche?! It is though. I want to be able to not worry about making enough so I can be stress free at home with my son. Honestly my faith in God really gets me through fear. Just remembering that there is a purpose behind everything keeps me going. I know God knows what I need and what I don’t. I can’t let fear control me in any aspect of my life or it robs me of joy.”  Can I just throw in an ‘Amen!’

When I asked Katie how she balances her time, both personally and professionally she admitted, it’s tough! Not only is Katie a wife, daughter, business owner, creative, she is also a mother. Katie has set days where her son will be at daycare (or Grandma’s) and those are the days Katie focuses on her business work. Other days she spends running errands, setting up play dates and spending quality time with her son. She tries to spend the evening with her husband and son for family time. Allowing herself set hours for work takes the pressure off when she’s spending time with her family.

Ribbon & Ink is based in the suburbs of DC, but serves clients locally and nationally. Katie’s 2016 goal is welcome 15 new clients into the Ribbon & Ink family.

Go check out Ribbon & Ink! Ribbon & Ink | |@ribbonandink |

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