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Featured Friday || Priscilla M Beauty

Priscilla is the face behind Priscilla M Beauty.  She is a makeup and hair styling company that offers a variety of beauty services; Airbrush makeup, Traditional Makeup, Hair styling up-dos, half dos and down dos, One on on lessons, group classes and spa parties.


In 2015 Priscilla had her daughter, Rosie. Priscilla knew she wanted to have the ability to stay at home with her daughter, to watch her grow up, and to fully raise her. Even so, Priscilla has always had a creative side that was waiting to be unleashed. Having her daughter, and realizing she could be a stay at home mom was wonderful, but she realized that pursuing a career as a makeup artist would give her the freedom to raise her daughter while also scratching her creative itch. I had the pleasure of first meeting Priscilla for a Caesar salad, (ya know-rather than coffee 😉 ) and it was refreshing to here her personal testimony and learn all about her creative career.

When I asked Priscilla what her best advice for a bride-to-be is, she was honest in saying that this is one of the most important days of your life, you want to be treated like a queen with every experience that you have. Being an artist/stylist  isn’t just about the makeup and hair its about providing her brides with the best of the best. Quality in makeup, quality in experience and quality in personality. That is what you want to hire for your artist and or stylist; someone that can provide all three because that is what you deserve!

Priscilla’s favorite thing about a wedding day is watching a bride’s reaction when she sees herself after her hair and makeup are complete. The feeling of gratitude the bride has is priceless and what drives Priscilla to do what she does! Priscilla says being able to help a woman feel even more confident and beautiful on one of the most important days of her life is one of the best feelings!

For 2018 Priscilla is focusing on time management. I think that this is a very relatable goal for all us. Managing our time not only allows us to be more productive, but it also helps us be happier and enjoy life more.

When I asked Priscilla, what keeps her motivated to face the challenges that small business owners face she said, “Does looking at myself in the mirror and repeating ‘ you can do this, you can do this ‘, count?!” Girl, it sure does! But seriously, I loved her answer. Priscilla went on to say that have an amazing support system is what keeps her head above water. Having her family, friends, and friendors (vendor friends), always encouraging her is what helps keep her going. #communityovercompetition

When not working, Priscilla enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. Seeing movies. Finding new restaurants. She also loves listening to music and dancing with her daughter. Priscilla’s faith plays an important role in her life, and her desire to serve God fuels everything she does. Including Priscilla M Beauty.

How do you balance your time? 

“I live by my planner if not I would definitely be all over the place and I am not going to lie I have good days and bad days. But overall I always ask myself ‘what are my priorities? ‘ Do what is most important to you in that order; God, family, work then everything else comes after for me.”

Priscilla M Beauty is based out of Gaithersburg MD.

Servicing, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and PA.

Priscilla M Beauty

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