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Featured Friday | MelRose Events & Design

Featured Friday

Featured Friday is a new blog series I am introducing today! It is focusing on local creatives who specialize in the wedding industry. If you are planning a wedding, looking to network, or just love all things pretty, definitely check out my Featured Friday guests each week!

Melissa and Jessica are the faces behind the action at MelRose Events & Design. Melissa and Jessica worked together doing interior design and began a dreaming up ideas of their own business. Originally they wanted to start their own interior design business, but after more research they developed a respect and curiosity for event planning. After they planned Melissa’s wedding together they fell in love, finding passion and excitement for event planning. MelRose is currently a part time business, Melissa and Jessica hope to take it full time when the opportunity arises. 

Featured Friday

Since their business is less than a year old, their main goals for 2016 is to book several weddings, spending the day with beautiful brides planning their special day. In 2016 MelRose Events & Design hopes to do lots of networking with other business owners. To make their goals happen they are reminding themselves of their dreams and why they started this business. Reminding themselves of this makes the challenges they face seem a little less daunting.

Melissa & Jessica find their motivation in the passion and excitement they have for this business, because they truly love what they do!

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” is a quote that these ladies shared with me when I asked them what their greatest fear in this adventure is, and how they manage it. I think most of us can agree that the fear of failure is huge, but like Melissa and Jessica, if we stay optimistic it can really help us overcome our fears, and push us past them into greater things.


Jessica’s favorite thing about a wedding day: My absolute favorite part is watching the grooms face as his bride walks down the aisle. The love you see in his eyes is so amazing and it feels like you are getting a glimpse into the love they share for each other.

Jessica loves to paint, and may incoperate her love for painting into MelRose Events & Design with a custom canvas etsy shop in the near future. Jessica is an all-around crafty girl, and loves learning as she tries her hand at new things.

Jessica’s best advice for a bride-to-be: When it comes to your wedding day, nothing is better than being worry free and knowing that everything is being taken care of by your personal team of planners, which really allows you to take in every special moment of the day with your special someone.

Melissa’s favorite thing about a wedding day: I love, love, love the moment after the ceremony that the bride and groom walk down the aisle as husband and wife. They are just beaming and it makes me so happy! And I also really love the cake cutting – seeing the couple truly be “themselves” is so sweet!

Melissa is a an active lady, she enjoys working out and spending time with her husband (they got married this year-newly weds!), family, and friends. Aside from going for runs, you may also find her on the sofa with her chihuahua, binge watching Netflix and eating Ben & Jerry’s! She knows how to make the most of a lazy day!

Melissa’s best advice for a bride-to-be: Really enjoy your day. It goes by SO fast and you have put so much effort into making it perfect, it is so important that you actually take the time to enjoy yourselves and to celebrate. At the end of the day, if you end up married to your sweetheart, then it ended perfectly.

MelRose Events & Design are based out of Kent island, MD.  Serving the MD, DE, VA area! They love to travel and are always game for couples out of that area as well.

You can follow this awesome business on: Insta and Twitter: @eventsbymelrose Facebook: MelRose Events & Design Website: MelRose Events & Design

| a: Rockville, Maryland | Snapchat: @thekatymurray |

| Instagram: @thekatymurray | Twitter: @thekatymurray | Facebook: Click |

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