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Featured Friday | Chic Girl Flowers

Today we are featuring a talented friend of mine, Yen Sadek of Chic Girl Flowers.

Featured-Friday | Chic-Girl-Flowers

What is your business? What do you offer wedding clients? Chic Girl flowers is a special event floral company, we offer custom floral arrangements for our clients. Most of our events are weddings but we also cater to other occasions like holiday parties, anniversary parties, etc.

What is the inspiration for your business? I always love designing and working with flowers, whenever I go to the store I always buy flowers for my home. Fresh flowers will brighten up any space and add elegance to it. Flowers in any events really mark celebration, and a touch of femininity to a space, it’s quite luxurious to have fresh flowers at an event.

How did you get started? A few years ago I helped my sister plan her wedding. She was stressed out about finding a florist, so I offered to help even though I knew very little about floral artistry. In preparation for her wedding, I learned everything I could about floral arrangements especially the mechanic, prepping, handling flowers through online sources and books from a local library. When her wedding day finally came, my family lives in Fairfax, Virginia and my sister’s wedding was in Atlanta. I worked a full day, packed up my two kids (both under the age of 3 at the time) and we drove through the night to go to Atlanta. I had practically no sleep but I was excited getting up the next morning to go to the flower market. I worked tirelessly the next two days to prep for the wedding. That’s when I had the idea that I could actually pursue this as a personal business. I wanted to create a business that I could pour my heart into, have a creative outlet, and provide a valuable service to the clients. Since I launched my business little over a year ago, the positive responses have been great and I am so happy I made the first step in creating Chic Girl Flowers. All my events are very customized; I do not book more than 10 weddings a year so each of my clients are like a friend to me. The bride can email and text me through out the entire time of planning up to their wedding day.

What is your best advice for a bride-to-be? Trust is the main component, once you select a vendor just know they are doing their absolute best to give you the wedding that you dream of. Also be realistic with your budget, we can only do as much as the budget allows us to do, therefore your wedding might not look like the Pinterest board and that’s perfectly fine. You want your guests to feel personal, creating memories and enjoy the moment with you no matter how big or small your wedding is going to be.

What is your favorite thing about a wedding day? My favorite thing about the wedding day is seeing everything we planned for months comes together nicely, all the vendors work really hard for that one day and it’s always looks a million times better than what we’ve pictured in our minds. The feeling of joy for the couple, the excitement you see around the room as everyone is getting ready for these two people to celebrate one of the biggest day of their lives.

What characteristics does your ideal client carry? My ideal client is someone who’s open to new ideas, easy going but also have high expectations. We all set standards for ourselves and it becomes more gratifying when the client tells me I exceeded their expectations.

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Where are you based? What areas do you serve? I’m based out of Northern Virginia, servicing VA, DC and MD area.

Featured-Friday | Chic-Girl-Flowers
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