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Feature Friday || Sobeck Studio

What is your business? What do you offer wedding clients?

I am the Founder and CEO of Sobeck Studio, a boutique marketing firm with roots in MD/DC and SC. Sobeck Studio crafts and executes strategic marketing campaigns for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Specializing in social media marketing, advertising, and public relations for those in the construction, interior design, and real estate industries, my company implements smart marketing strategies that delivers results.

Common services include social media audits/playbooks, full service social media management, media planning and ad buying, copywriting, and other PR services.

I have also planned and executed a lot of events, and hope to assist vendors and other companies as a side hustle in the next year. One of my favorite events to date that I fully planned and executed was one entitled “All About Weddings and Events”, where top wedding experts gathered at a luxury new development in DC to speak to a crowd of influencers and engaged real estate brokers — you can learn more about it here. Amy Moeller, the editor at Washingtonian Weddings moderated the event, and we had table settings, food, cocktails, and flowers you’d see at weddings there to inspire the crowd. We also had a live painter; on-site calligrapher and a panel of top wedding vendors speak to the crowd about upcoming wedding trends. It was so fun! Moving forward, I would love to eventually help any wedding planners or vendors in the industry with their integrated marketing strategies. I loved planning my wedding back in 2018, and I still follow so many wedding planners and vendors, as I am so inspired by all they can do!

What is the inspiration for your business? How did you get started?

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur — my dad has run a few successful companies, and from an early age he always encouraged me to work hard so that one day I could be my own boss. As soon as I started in the digital marketing space, I fell in love, and so I knew I wanted to be in this realm for the long run. After years in the industry, I realized there was a gap in the market (especially in parts of Maryland and where I am from in SC), when it comes to finding good digital marketing help. It’s no small decision to hire a company to assist with your marketing, and I started Sobeck Studio so I can give small to medium sized businesses clear, cohesive marketing strategies and a work product that won’t price you out like a larger agency will or won’t disappoint you with our level of experience like some with less experience may have. I’ve worked with dozens of Fortune 100’s to startups, and in almost every industry or sector imaginable. I work really hard and pride myself on helping clients achieve their KPIs and objectives in a strategic way. Regarding Sobeck Studio’s name, I decided to name my business Sobeck Studio to pay homage to my roots in Northeast Pennsylvania. My grandfather ran his own business in the blue-collar coal mining town of Luzerne, PA, and built up his business through hard work, honesty, and integrity. He was respected by everyone that knew him, and to this day when I visit the area, I hear new stories about him or other family members that always make me so proud to be a Sobeck. I love that my grandfather also inspired all five of his children to start and run their own businesses, including my dad (who is now also a client!). All five of their businesses are extremely successful, and it’s because they all are some of the most hardworking people I know.

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