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Faux Flowers for Your Wedding by Alyssa Grogan of The Rogue Petal Co.

Guest Post by Alyssa Grogan of The Rogue Petal Co.

Just say YES! No longer are the days of SUPER FAKE appearing florals! Okay, that might be jumping the gun… it’s exciting! But, let’s talk a little about why faux florals might be the perfect addition to your wedding day decor.

1. They are the more sustainable option: If you’re making decisions in your life to be nicer to our environment, you can take the greener avenue on your wedding day, too! Thankfully there are more and more options for eco-conscious couples to make greener choices when planning their big day. Faux flowers are one of the easier choices in this venture. Not only do artificial flowers require far less maintenance then real flowers just in general (we’ll get into more about that next!), the way that they get to you are low-maintenance, too! Faux florals do not require resources to grow like water, soil, or fertilizer. In transportation, they do not need to be sent via plane or use refrigeration to be freighted from warmer countries; where most popular blooms come from. And most importantly, they are not created with the intention that they will be disposed of. They can be sold, reused, repurposed, or kept forever as a keepsake.

2. The low-low maintenance choice: Faux are the flowers you know you won’t have to worry about for your wedding. They are fake! It’s one of the many, many things on your wedding to-do list, that you can actually check off. Get them as far in advance as you’d like! They do NOT die! You can also get a great idea of the appearance and design of your wedding florals before the day of the event. No need to fuss with a tight day-of wedding schedule or hammer out the details of delivery and on-site mishaps. They are ready to go. Ready to be styled just as you wish with the rest of your wedding decor!

3. Cost: Yep, it’s less than your traditional real florist rates! Since there are no day-of or delivery fees, you are spending your wedding budget on just the materials, production, and if shipping is needed ONLY. No extra service costs. But don’t forget, they last forever. So, after the wedding day, you can sell the pre-arranged floral pieces to another married-to-be couple and get a return on your investment.

While faux florals may not be the number one choice for everyone planning their wedding, they truly are a sustainable, low-maintenance, cost effective option. You can now get artificial flowers that look so real, both in photographs AND in person. If you’re on a tight budget, faux makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice on flowers for your wedding vision.

Alyssa Grogan The Rogue Petal Co. E: IG: @roguepetalco

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