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Dream Floral Art || Featured Friday

Dream Floral Art is a florist servicing the DC Metro area. Today we are excited to feature this business and highlight their talent!

In 2016 Kim celebrated 30 years working for the Federal Government. This is when Kim decided to follow her passion for flowers, and she opened Dream Floral Art! Kim has always been a lover of all things floral. She loves being around flowers and would buy everything that has a hint of floral design. Kim is always buying fresh flowers for her home. So it was not long after this deliberating process, that she decided that she should try to offer wedding flowers and rental products related to weddings. So Dream Floral Art was born from the love for flowers.

Fairfax Summer Wedding Photography

What characteristics does your ideal client carry?

My ideal client is someone who appreciates flowers and also have great trust in my ability to bring forth her vision of beauty or just to create something beautiful that she will love.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

I am fortunate to be able to have flowers as my hobby as well as my business. When I am not thinking or doing flowers, I love to travel to go see flowers around the world.

What keeps you motivated to face the challenges small business owners face?

There’s no doubt that being a florist is very hard work and there are many challenges for small business owners. But I find that if you are doing what you truly love, your passion helps you overcome the challenges and help you find solutions to address the challenges.

What is your favorite thing about a wedding day?

My favorite moment about the wedding day is when I see the bride‘s reaction to her flowers. That’s the only time I can give a sigh of relief from all my hard work. Her reaction is affirmation that I have delivered her vision of beauty for her special day.

Fairfax Summer Wedding Photography

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