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Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

This Winter Wonderland Baby Shower was perfect for the wintery forecast.

Events have been looking different, as you all know. So recently, I’ve been going to the party early, snapping photos and sneaking out before any guests arrive.

This baby shower is super sweet! It has a winter theme with a splash of blues!

Momma planned a drive by event, but the weather was far too cold! So, it changed into a socially distanced, drop in party. Caroline had everything set up for photos, her design was too cute! I love the splash of color among the whites and silvers. Each detail came together so well!

Photography: @katymurrayphotography Design & Balloon Garlands: @carolinebellcreative Cookies: @saveroomdesserts Hot Chocolate Bombs: @jennielarche Signage: @paperheart.designs Balloon Shop: @chercandoit Subs: @pepperjackssubs

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