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Sunset Photos at The Inn at Little Washington

Kimon and Sophia met just before the pandemic and the rest is history.

They had visited The Inn at Little Washington once before and fell in love. So, it was the perfect location to officially declare their engagement and have a celebratory photo shoot to follow!

Sunset Photos at The Inn at Little Washington are some of my favorites. The location is perfect for walking around and snapping photos as we go. They are a lot of different backdrops, from the main spots like the Field of Dreams and the Gardens, to the in-between spots like the alley way between the Inn and Cottage. The gorgeous rooms, Patty O's Cafe (love the color of the cafe!), and everything else! It's such a cute place to make memories and have a photo shoot.

When Kimon and Sophia walked up I was stunned by Sophia's dress! She looked absolutely amazing. I love the floral accents and the elegance of the dress.

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