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Winnie The Pooh Themed Surprise Baby Shower

I walked into a session thinking I was the photographer and was so surprised to see it was a baby shower in my honor!

But let me back up, Friday night I was scrolling through the Gram; Instagram, and saw the cutest Honey Jar with a calligraphy name tag on it. Stephanie had posted it to her stories… If I am being honest I had total FOMO (fear of missing out), because it was soo cute and I absolutely love all things Winnie The Pooh. I messaged her with excitement for how cute it was not knowing anything at all.

Saturday, I arrived to the photo shoot, which I thought was a Boho bridal theme and to my surprise saw all things yellow and cute. Once I registered what it was, I saw the pops of red which made for the cutest Winnie The Pooh theme.

Apparently, Fay had created this plan a while back and kept it a total secret from me. Everything was sooo cute! The Pooh Bear Macaroons, the cupcakes, the cake, the table liner, the red napkins, literally everything brought The Winnie The Pooh theme to life in the most gentle and subtle way. Ah, I loved it!

Things like this remind me how much I am loved and how much my sweet child will be loved. Life can be hard, scary and so unsettling but having people who love and care for you make it all worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone! How entirely sweet of you! <3

Annnnnd it was Winnie The Pooh Themed!!! Winnie The Pooh Themed Surprise Baby Shower!


Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

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