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Why do a Styled Session || Katy Murray Photography, LLC

In the photography world there is a growing trend of Styled Sessions.

I’ve been planning and photographing styled session for a few years now. During this time, I’ve narrowed in on the best practices for planning and executing a styled session. Guess what! I’m going to share those details RIGHT HERE. This will be a multiple part series because I have lots of information I want to share!


If you’re wondering, “What the heck is a styled session?!” Then you’re really missing out. 😉 A styled session is a mock event/wedding. Then you might be thinking “Why would someone want to do a fake event?”, well, there are lots of reasons!

Let’s talk about it from a photographer’s view:

If you’re new to the industry, a styled session will help you grow your portfolio; A styled session will not give you real (insert event here) experience, but it will enable you to capture images within that specific niche. This lets you show potential clients that you do (insert event here) by using the images throughout your marketing.

Another reason, is because styled sessions are an absolutely wonderful way to network. While doing a style session you are able to partner with likeminded individuals who are your compliments in the industry. As a photographer you can showcase other vendor’s talents in a styled session that you may not have had an opportunity to work with prior. This is also beneficial to your potential clients because they may need a florist, and you can refer them to a florist you’ve worked with. In my opinion referrals are one of the kindest things you can give a fellow vendor.


A styled session also allows you to do something out of the box. Creatively, a styled session can be a beautiful outlet to bring something to life that you are proud of and can put your passion into. If you’ve wanted to do a watercolor themed bridal shower, you can style it. If you want to do a New Girl themed portrait session, you can style it. (New Girl is my current show I watch while editing photos- bonus she’s from Oregon and I get excited each time she references it).


Now, let’s talk about all you non-photographers: There are tons of benefits for you, too, in doing a styled session. A styled session is a chance for you to get product photos done of your items. If you are a stationery artist, a calligrapher, a florist, a baker, a cater, a clothing shop, a bridal boutique, etc. You can get some fabulous images of your products. Real images of your product being showcased along with other vendors’ products to take yours that much further. A bridal bouquet with a model wearing a wedding gown as the backdrop; An invitation suite with flowers to make the overall image pop – Yes!


Similarly, as mentioned above, a styled session allows you to do something out of the box. If you’ve been wanting to try a new technique; you have a new product to introduce, you want to do something non-traditional; you just want to create something without limitations, styled sessions are great place for that creative freedom.

Styled sessions are not limited to photographers. Any vendor can plan and execute a styled session. Another huge bonus to styled sessions are that any vendor can gear them towards their brand. If you are a florist, you can bring together a team to do a styled session that fits your brand. Maybe you want it to be pastels, with a light and airy feel, or a moody style with high contrast and deep colors, find vendors who have the same style and start creating!


Okay, so that’s the WHY (although I could hit on so many other benefits of a styled session).

Next up, the HOW! Stay tuned!

The Spanish Steps were a elegant backdrop for this inspiration session.

Model: Kelsey Waite

Floral Design: JR Flowers

Floral Accessories: Jefferson Lane Design

Hair Accessories: Hair Comes the Bride

Bridal Gown: Ebrada Atelier

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