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Wednesday Wedding Tips | Wedding Day Timeline

Wednesday Wedding Tips

Okay photographers let’s talk about wedding day timelines… As the photographer we often wear many hats on the wedding day, we help pin boutonnieres, we help bustle the brides dress, and often we act as a planner to ensure the timeline is followed.


During my consults I talk to the couple about their timeline right off the bat. We need to plan accordingly with the couple for their wedding day timeline to ensure we have adequate time to  capture all the essential photographs. Most couples are planning a wedding for the first time and may not have an idea of how to plan the day. When I talk with my newly engaged couples they are very welcoming of any help or advice on their wedding timeline. We, as photographers, can share our knowledge and ensure they have a timeline that fits their specific needs.

If the bride does not have a wedding planner: Set expectations with the couple. Let the couple know how much time you’ll need for details, first look (if they decided to do one), family, bridal, and bridal party photos. Having a plan for these will make the wedding day go smoothly and allows the couple to tell their family and guests when to be ready for their photograph.  I ask the couple for a tentative timeline for the pertinent information, such as when bride will start her makeup, the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. If the couple hasn’t decided on a timeline for these events, we will discuss different options. Then we discuss a tentative  plan that allows time for photos, and events. I also share an example timeline from previous weddings I’ve shot, this helps the couple visualize the timeline of their day.


Setting expectations also helps friends and family know when to be where. Which will alleviate stress from the couple on their wedding day. As a bride, it can be very stressful and overwhelming having friends and family constantly asking questions about the timeline, the events of the day and so on. So, setting expectations ahead of time let’s each of them know where to be and when, allowing the bride to focus on relating, and enjoying the moments before she says ‘I do’. You can’t go wrong with a structured timeline. Another benefit is that other people can help maintain the timeline, with gentle reminders they can help the wedding day stay on track and take the pressure off the bride of needing to be on top of the schedule.

If you’d like to see some example timelines feel free to email me, I am happy to discuss a timeline with you and send you examples for a wedding day.

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