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Silver Spring Wedding Photography || Center Pieces


Recently it feels like my photography has really been taking off. From networking events, to client session, to personal projects I haven’t went a week without having something new on my memory cards and in my editing que.

Over the last few years photography has been a total roller coaster for me. Sometimes I am booked solid, and other times I have absolutely nothing on my plate. I have enjoyed every season in my business and I am happy to say that recently it’s been consistently growing. Since about April I’ve had the joy of continually capturing new things and embodying my creative desires.

The last three months have given me hope that photography is a part of my future, and my overall calling. I hope to continue to have this be a part of my everyday life and share with others what I am learning and doing.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged, supported and challenged me along the way!

If you need photos done – get at me! I want to book my calendar full and serve each client with my passion.

These beautiful center pieces are made by Mei-Ye of Boheme’s Jubilee.

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