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Thomas Jefferson Memorial | Halloween Inspired Session

This session was a long time coming.

A few years ago I met Leanne Hall-Parr at a wedding I was photographing. She is a very talented makeup artist. I quickly learned that Leanne has a love for all things halloween.

Last year we discussed doing a styled session for Halloween but it never came to fruition between our schedules. A few days ago Leanne sent me a few photos of inspiration and we ran with it. Going into this session I was really excited for the vision, and I am so happy to say that the final product has not disappointed. Seriously, look at them! : )

As we were walking around the tidal basin to get to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial people kept asking if they could take Leanne’s photo. Some people even did selfies with her. Her make up was on point, you’ll see in these photos she almost looks like a doll she did it so perfectly. I thought the Thomas Jefferson Memorial would be a unique backdrop for this session, knowing the outfits would be dark, I wanted a light background for contrast and that’s exactly what we got. It was an overcast day, which gave us great light with the marble surfaces.  I love how the entire look pulled together is both elegant and eerie.

While we were photographing we were approached by a journalist from The Washington Post, Katherine Frey, who asked if she could photograph me taking photos of Leanne. We were totally okay with that, of course. She had a 3:30pm deadline so after snapping a few shots she was on her way to write a piece for the paper. It was fun seeing all the visitors of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial enjoying the styled session as much as we were!

Leanne’s dress/outfits are from, her makeup is done by herself, Leanne Hall Makeup Artistry.  Leanne’s tattoos are by Jon Vance and hair cut/color by Ashley Demas.

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