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Sunset in Potomac, Maryland ||


Thursday Philip and I had the day off together, we spent the morning running errands and then went for a quick hike before Sunset.

We went to Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center, on the Potomac. We frequent this spot. We first went there to hike the Billy Goat Trail, which I fell in love with! We’ve returned a few times since. It is close to our home so travel time is good, and leaves more time for exploring. This time (although I was wearing a dress) climbed the boulders and brought the camera for these awesome shots. Shout out to Philip for being my photographer.

Getting dressed up is rejuvenating! I bought this dress for the Chevy Chase Club Holiday Party, and couldn’t wait to wear it. I knew it would be a great outfit for a photo session along the Potomac. I took some time on my hair and makeup, soaked up the golden light and smiled at the love of my life. It was easy.

The bracelet I am wearing reads” I am enough”, which I love! Created by Joedi handmade the bracelet. She recently sent me a box full of goodies to photograph and I am so excited!


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