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Sunrise at Bethany Beach | Katy Murray Photography, LLC


In Early August we spent a day at Bethany Beach in Delaware. My mom was visiting and we wanted to be sure she saw the Atlantic before heading back to the west coast.

We packed up the night before and set out for our adventure in the early morning. We wanted to make it to the beach by sunrise. We made it! The sun rising over the water is always beautiful, and nothing is better than sharing the sight with loved ones.

After we soaked up the sunrise and snapped a dozen or more photos, we got our blankets out. While I cross-stitched, Philip and my mom read their books, until they both passed out. It was already a warm day, even when the sun was still low in the sky.

We walked around the beach front stores and enjoyed our homemade breakfast treats.


I am already excited for my next trip to the beach. 


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