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Snow Day in Rockville, Maryland ||


We thought it was the first day of spring, but nature threw a curve ball of snow our way. I’ll admit that I was skeptical that this “snow storm” was actually going to hit. I woke up early Wednesday morning, around 05:45 and proceeded to jump on twitter saying, “Sort of bummed I didn’t wake up to snow.”, and “Then again, I didn’t believe the hype anyways.”. Six hours later, I had to retract those tweets. The ground was covered in white fluff. I sat, comfortably in my living room, watching the snow fall onto the court yard below while I tried to soak up as much of my accounting textbook as I could.

Once Philip got home from work I was ready to go for a walk. I wanted to get out of the house. He was sweet enough (once again) to photograph me and my shenanigans. We didn’t go far, we ended up across the street from out apartment building. This area was on the corner, between the streets and near a hotel. We spent all of 15 minutes snapping photos before my feet were frozen.

We hurried home to changed into warmer, and drier clothes. It was a delightful little outing.

Everyone always talks about the ‘normal’ weather. I am beginning to believe there isn’t such a thing as ‘normal’, because each year something new happens. This past fall it was exceptionally warm for the area, and this snow fall was exceptionally late for winter. Some years it’s more rainy, others it’s more dry. When it comes to weather, I just roll with the punches. I can watch the news, follow the radars, and really study it. But in the end, there is no surefire way to know what will happen or how intense it will be. We’ve all looked at a reputable weather source, saying it is raining/snowing/whatever at a given moment and looked out a nearby window to see nothing happening at all. So, I say, bring it! Whatever it is, I’ll adjust to it as needed.

Skirt is from Target.

Shirt is from New York and Company. Click here for it.

Shoes are from

Tights are from

Earrings were given to me for my wedding by my mom.

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