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Sarah Bradshaw Second Shooter Workshop | Part 1


As I previously mentioned, I have been working alongside Sarah Bradshaw Photography for two wedding seasons. Sarah is a talented, kindhearted, outgoing woman who has a heart for people and a passion for love. When I first met Sarah I was instantly inspired by her drive and dedication. Sarah doesn’t do anything half way, she goes all in. I’ve learned so much from working with Sarah over the past two wedding seasons, and I know that I will continue to learn more. I’ve not only learned about photography, but how to be a better business owner, a better friend and a better person.

Sarah’s second shooter workshop was held at a beautiful venue in the heart of Washington, DC called  The Loft at 600 F. The Loft at 600 F is a great location, easily accessible by metro, or if you choose to drive it has multiple parking garages nearby, in DC that alone makes it a great place! The Loft at 600 F is also great on the inside, too. It has twinkle light hung from the ceiling, comfortable seating and a spacious area for mingling.

We spent the first hours of the day in a classroom like setting, while Sarah shared her overwhelming amounts of knowledge and experience. Sarah discussed many things, but some major points were 1. Getting the job, and 2. Doing the Job. We went over different types of second shooters, different types of primary shooters, the benefits of each and who compliments who. This is so beneficial because as a second shooter we want to work for someone that we compliment, both in our personality, style and business approach.

After we finished the classroom setting portion, we had a delicious lunch and moved onto the hands-on portion of the workshop. Caroline Dutton Events styled the day wonderfully. After seeing the table set up, I wanted to run out and buy myself some new floral dishware. Caroline did the perfect mix of unique, classic, and bold. The floral pattern complimented the black stripes effortlessly. Along with EightTreeStreet floral arrangements, everything came together beautifully.


EightTreeStreet did the flower arrangements. They went so well with the style of the day, this made me want to run out and buy flowers for my home. My pocketbook and husband probably wouldn’t have liked me coming home with new dishware and flowers though!


Meeting new and old friends at the workshop was a blast, too. Getting together with like-minded individuals who share a desire to learn and grown is always an encouragement.


I am excited to practice the new things I’ve learned, and put all this talk into action at my next wedding! Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this workshop a reality, and thank you Sarah Bradshaw for bringing everyone together, and sharing your knowledge.


| a: Rockville, Maryland  | p:503-951-1639 | Snapchat: @thekatymurray |

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Vendors: Workshop by: Sarah Bradshaw Photography Stylist: Caroline Dutton Events Florist: EightTreeStreet Menus: blush & crew. Cake & goodies: Buttercream Bakeshop Venue: The Loft at 600 F Linens and things: (all purchased by Caroline)

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