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Rockville Family Photos

I love doing Rockville Family Photos. This family reached out to me a few days before they wanted to book the session. Their daughter had her first loose tooth! They wanted to get the photos schedule ASAP before the tooth fell out.

Thankfully we were able to schedule their Rockville Family Photos for that weekend and her tooth stayed in place until after the photo session!

I loved meeting this family. Little Claire was such a good listener during the session. If I asked her to do a pose she did it so well, and was absolutely cute while doing it. Her smile was genuine, and her personality radiated. Such a testimony how her parents have loved and cared for her. It was such a treat to meet them and learn about their lives. Claire had her first big girl haircut in time for the session, and she was so proud!

Their outfits were fun, mom and dad went with a more neutral look while Clair sported a pop of color! The pop of color was the perfect amount of vibrancy and fun for the session. To give some variety, mom and dad brought a cute overcoat for Claire to wear in some of the photos.

At the end of the session we blew bubbles and had fun laughing together. Oh! And for some special fun photos, Mom, Dad and Claire repped some stylish sunglasses and we took some cheesy cute shots!

I am continually blessed to meet such sweet families and capture their special milestones. I look forward to working with this family again and again!

If you’re in the market for family photos, let’s chat!

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