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Our Life || Morgantown Waterfront

After our weekend in Columbus, Ohio. We stopped in Morgantown. Philip wanted to see this area, and it made our drive home a little easier since we did three hours, then stayed the night in Morgantown, and then made the last three hours the next day.

Morgantown had a cute little waterfront. We stopped here at dust. Sadly the sun was on the other side of the mountain, so we didn’t get the golden hour like we might have hoped, but the soft light was still very beautiful. We had a delicious meal at Mountain State Brewing Co, Philip had a cuban sandwich, and I indulged with their nachos. Whenever we go out to eat, we usually share and this time was no different. The Nachos had chipotle sauce which was a little spicy; so I finished Philip’s sandwich and he enjoyed the nachos.  We spend a few hours walking around the downtown area, from what we saw it was pretty small, but it was a pleasant day to be out and about. We were limited with our car being in the shop due to a flat tire. Once it was fixed we hit the road home to Maryland.

Philip does a fantastic job making me feel beautiful. I love that is he is patient and obliges me by taking photos of and with me. He’s a true sweetheart. 

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