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North Potomac Family Photographer

North Potomac Family Photographer. Pike & Rose is such a fun backdrop for photos. So many different looks and textures. It also has ample parking and is super easy to get to!

Since moving to Rockville, we experienced Pike & Rose before it even existed. It was neat watching it grow from the ground up and to see it come to life to what it is today. Now, you can have dinner, shop, bowl and see a movie all in the same spot. Great eats, everything from fancy dinner to quick drinks.

Truth: This family killed their session. It was only 9:30AM and it was already SO hot and humid outside. You can’t even tell, meanwhile I had sweat dripping from my forehead and was sticky as can be! Ha! And can we talk about how photogenic they are, especially momma and daughter?! This ladies were made for the camera.

You probably recognize Fay because she’s always popping up here on my blog. Here’s a few other times I’ve shared about her here.

Let’s schedule your family session.

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