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Naomi Wilcox || Why I’m a photographer

Meet Naomi, She is guest blogging today about the reason why she is a photographer.


Be sure to check out Naomi on facebook and her website. She’s also on Instagram, follow her awesome work!

“Whenever I’m asked to photograph a family or individual, I always feel completely HONORED. I mean, when you think about it, how often do people ask someone to come follow them and their family around for a little over and hour and let them move you around, make you laugh and snap a zillion pictures of you? Yeah, hardly at all! It only happens every so often. And when someone asks me to do that for their family, their session, I am thrilled and excited! Why? Because of these two reasons…

Usually when people want to have a photography session, it’s because something special, something important…something that needs to be remembered has happened or is happening. This something just HAS to be recorded visually for years and years to come. This something could be a mom and daughter making cookies in the kitchen, a couple having an anniversary session to capture that golden love, a senior breathing in those last moments of high school or that growing family laughing and talking outside in their backyard. These “something’s” that occur in our lives and NEED to be visually remembered…these something’s are what I love to capture! And when I am asked to be a part of these moments, I ask you, who WOULDN’T want to be a part of these special times? I LOVE that about being a photographer!

I also love the connection that happens between myself and those I’m capturing in a session. I love hearing about that senior in high school’s dreams and what he wants to do in the next five years. I love watching the husband hold his wife as I focus on the two of them while their kids are running all around us. Seeing the dreams in the eyes of that senior higher, seeing the tried and true love in the eyes of the couple. I hear what their family is doing for the day, I hear about the engaged couples wedding plans and how those plans are going, I hear about that one year olds transition from being the baby to the big brother…I hear and see it all. And it’s there, within those photography sessions, in those mere moments, that I feel and am connected. Connected to these amazing people who have entrusted me to spend time with them. Connected, inspired and refreshed. I love THAT about being a photographer! Being there for those amazing moments and connecting with AMAZING people are my favorite things about being a photographer. It’s an incredible role to have and I am so blessed and honored by those who have chosen to have me as their photographer!”.

This is one of Naomi’s favorite photos, I can totally see why!

Gulso _ Family Session-75 2
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