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Maryland Photography Workshop || Katy Murray Photography

Recently I announced that I am hosting a Maryland Photography Workshop.

I really want to dive into what that is, and why someone would want to come to it.


Since I announced this Maryland Photography Workshop I’ve noticed a lot of styled sessions hosted by photographers who are charging a small fee to other photographers for admission to the styled session. I think this is awesome! A fun way to network and come together as a team and share in the benefits of the experience. ß Side note. But I wanted to elaborate on why my session is different and the cost is higher than these styled sessions.

First, let’s talk about the styled portion of the Maryland Photography Workshop and what that means.

We are taking styled to the next level. Each station will be a wonderful piece to add to your portfolio and will be cohesive with each other to create an elegant and extravagant vibe.

There will be five stations. Each one of these stations of themselves would be the perfect set up for awesome portfolio building images, but together these stations will give you a complete story to tell, lots of details to practice new techniques, and a variety of images to capture. We’ve included a real-life couple to photograph for Bride & Groom portraits, so you can interact with the couple to experience real posing, and to learn how to enhance their natural interactions to capture authentic, genuine images your clients are sure to fall in love with.

Station one

  1. Full tablescape with 8 settings

Station two

  1. Sweetheart table

Station three

  1. Cake table

Station four

  1. Details; lots and lots of details

Station five

  1. Bride & Groom

Now, let’s explore the workshop portion of this…

This is a chance for you to learn comprehensive information of how to photograph the details of an event, and capture portraits that your clients will want to showcase throughout their homes. You’ll be given hands on experience to grow your talent. While having complete access to ask me anything.

Topics include: How to take beautiful reception photos

How to encourage your clients to naturally pose for the photo

How to setup and execute a styled session

What to do after the styled session (Submit for publication) How to network and grow your business with every opportunity

The investment: This is more than just a shoot-out. You will come to this workshop ready to have fun, and you will leave feeling creatively renewed. You will be excited for your next event to apply the techniques you’ve learned, and you’ll be ready to take your networking and business to the next level.

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

near Forest Glen Metro

Time: 9am-12pm.

Investment: $250 early bird rate if booked by July 6, 2018.

$325 after July 6.

Limited seats available. Please email: to register.

Bonus, all the images in this post are from styled sessions. Take the pretties of these and times them by ten. That’s what you can expect on August 1, 2018.


We love styled sessions so check out a few of ours. Spanish Steps Bridal Session

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