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Manor Country Club | Summer Framingle | Welcome September

Summer time is wrapping up! So I’m flashing back to this Framingle at Manor Country Club. It was a fun evening for ladies to get out on the lawn and make memories with friends. The bright pink really pairs well with a sunshiny evening overlooking the golf course.

I remember the days leading up to this event everything I saw seemed to be Flamingo themed. I saw wrapping paper, glassware, pillows, straws, you name it! I love watching details come together for a big picture event, even if it’s a simple nod to a certain theme.

This summer has been a whirlwind for me. I will admit, I didn’t do many ‘summer activities’, my lack of love for humidity and the added pregnancy temperature rise made hanging outside a little more challenging. I spent a few days laying poolside, and I took a trip to Lake Tahoe with family. Otherwise my summer consisted of working at my ‘day job’, photo shoots, business endeavors and relaxing. I do enjoy the longer days and the dose of vitamin D. But as summer comes to a close I am ever excited about autumn. My favorite season.

So, here’s to you, Summer. A toast to your farewell.

Hello September.


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