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Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Silver Spring, Maryland

This Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Silver Spring, Maryland is going to make your heart melt.

My heart is melting. Not only because this little guy is so adorable, or because of how beautiful this family is. Also because it reminds me of my own journey as a mother. I was and am still awe struck that I have my own child.

This momma is gorgeous and I love seeing her swoon over her little baby. 😍🥰

With a last name like Whalen, they had to go with a whale theme for the nursery. I love all the details, especially the Irish blessing hanging above the crib. Jillian’s friend made this beautiful calligraphy piece for the nursery. Which they used to reveal the sweet babies name to their families. This art tells a sweet story, one they will remember and celebrate for years to come. The artist who created the Calligraphy piece is The Script Shop Calligraphy. Check out her page and follow her on Instagram.

It’s details like this that make Lifestyle Newborn Photography extra special. I get to capture such special details of families, not only their growing family and little one but the environment they are growing up in and the sweet love and support they receive from friends and family.

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