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Katy Murray Photography, LLC Website Refresh

Have you scrolled through my website since I refreshed it? The vision behind my old website was Simplistic. I wanted something simple to showcase the images I captured… But I realized it didn’t share my personality or brand with the more simplistic style.

So, I revamped this bad boy and I am in LOVE.

Ya know how you redecorate your house and you can’t wait to show it off? That’s how I feel about this!

Let’s dive into this! I wanted an image that was both romantic and vibrant to welcome views to my website. I landed on this image because I love the pop of pink in the background, the navy-blue suit and of course the beautiful bride.

My logo: This logo has been in the works for a long time. Shortly after we got married, Philip and I changed the business name to PK Photography. I wanted it to represent the hard work we BOTH put into it. For a wedding gift our friend, Baylee, gave us a logo. It was PK Photography, just like this one below but “PK” not “KM”. I fell in love with the logo. It took me a few years (like 6 years) but I was able to have the logo adjusted to fit my current business name. Stephanie G Calligraphy swapped the “PK” for “KM”. I LOVE it.

About me: I wanted this to capture who I am beyond a photographer. I want my clients to feel like they know me and to feel comfortable standing in front of my lens.

Of course, I had to include a picture or two of my sweet family, as they often times take walks nearby while I am doing a session and frequent my social media.

The drawing on the left is by my brother-in-law. He is a very talented artist and when I talked him into drawing this piece for me, I was stoked!

I love numbers. I wanted to include some ‘fast facts’ about myself and this was a fun way to do it.

The galleries: I have gone back and forth on how I wanted these to look… I love how they turned out! I like the use of shapes, color and the splash of abstractedness. The arrows are the same color as the flowers in the top images on the website. I love the ties.

I love to travel and I especially love doing sessions when I travel. So, I included this map and travel dates on my website. The graphic behind the text is my original drawing. I drew a bunch of roses in the shape of the world.

Published work: I like showcasing my publication / featured session on my website. It is a nice hub to showcase each of the different features, and then (most of them) if you click the icon it will link you to the publication.

I also included an investment page for potential clients to check out and have an idea of what the cost of a session with me would be. And a contact form for clients to get in touch.

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