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Inspiration Flowers | Rockville, Maryland

Sometimes some of the best things come from being spontaneous.

I recently did head shots for two talented business owners, Receba Padilla of Melissa’s Creations, and Ashleigh Robinson of Type A Invitations (click their names to see their Featured Friday posts).

At the session Rebeca put together this gorgeous bouquet. Ashleigh happened to be wearing the perfect fall tones to compliment the bouquet! I love how the bouquet is so elegant and whimsical at the same time. Ashleigh’s outfit pulls the darker pieces of the bouquet forward, while also making her lip color pop the perfect amount.

Seriously, when I saw this come to life I was swooning!

Model: Ashleigh of Type A Invitations

Flowers: Rebeca Padilla of Melissa’s Creations


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