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I’m a Proud Little Sister

When we were in Miami one night after partying hard (Ha! Who am I kidding?! I don’t party, let alone hard) we were walking on the beach back to our hotel and saw something kind of sad, but cool. Someone set fire to brush on the beach. We were there before the fire and police. As we were watching the flames grow; a lot of police and fire arrived. It was a small brush fire and thankfully no one was hurt. That being said, it was very pretty! The way the flames and smoke reflected the EMS lights made for a pretty sight, and then I snapped a photo of the silhouette of this fire fighter.


My brother is a fire fighter and works with EMS. He has been firefighter for (roughly?) 10 years, and has worked for an ambulance company for most of that time, too. Whenever I see a fire station, duty rig, or anything along those lines I think of him! I am so proud to say he has served and saved so many lives. Even so that he inspired me to try my hand at EMS. I was a firefighter for a short period, participated in Seattle Police Academy’s Chaplaincy Program and studied EMT Basic. To say Michael is an inspiration is an understatement.

So, tonight I am shouting out to all EMS workers! Thank you for all you do!

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