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Houston, Texas Engagement Photos | Wooster’s Garden

I flew to Houston, Texas to visit my dear friend, Crina. I’ve blogged about Crina a time or two; when she’s modeled for different projects of mine. This blog will be featuring her engagement photos!


In November Sam proposed to Crina. In early October (I think), Sam texted me a photo of a ring, and I cannot express how excited I got for Crina! Sam told me he was planning to propose to Crina in mid November. He arranged for his and Crina’s parents to be there (they both live in Oregon), and he had it all planned out! They flew in for the engagement and stayed to celebrate the following days. I knew Crina would love it, not only because her family was there to share it with her, but also because it was Sam & she loves him so much.

After Sam popped the question and gave Crina the ring they walked to a near-by restaurant where their parents were sitting and waiting. This definitely got the water works started for Crina. Sam did an amazing job with the proposal and involving their parents!

Crina and Sam have a local favorite spot, it’s Wooster’s Garden. It’s a cute little bar. Sam and Crina visited this bar while dating. So, I called ahead and we made arrangements to do their engagement session just before sunset (and before the bar opened and became crowded).

It is an adorable spot, as you can see!

We incorporated a book into their session because while dating, Sam would read to Crina. It was one of their ways of spending time together.

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