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Greenhouse Portrait Session || Our Life

Shortly after moving to Maryland I started Nannying for a family who lived in Columbia, Maryland. I would drive the same route to their house each morning, and along the way a greenhouse, Sun’s Garden and Landscape, caught my eye. Four years ago I met Sam & Luke at Sun’s Garden and Landscape. We did a portrait session.

Recently when I got an itch to do a session at a greenhouse (inspired by Poison Ivy, the character), I knew this would be the perfect spot! A few weeks ago Philip and I set out to look at Sun’s Garden and Landscape, but the road was closed after some high winds that knocked trees down. After trying to find an alternate route we had to turn around and go home. Since this weekend was St. Patrick’s day it seemed fitting to do a ‘green’ themed session. We set out for Sun’s Garden and Landscape again.

We missed our turn, and had to retrace our steps to get there. When we arrived the owner, Mark, was outside, so we asked if we could do a few photos. He, kindly, agreed. Of course, he was curious what our goal was and as we were talking I mentioned I had been here before. Funny enough, just before we arrived Mark & his wife, Marcie were looking at images tagged at their location and photos from Luke and Sam’s session showed up. He asked if these were the ones I previously did. After some chatting, Philip and I started our session. It was the perfect time, the sun was just peeking through the greenhouse, and golden hour was in full swing.

I am excited about this session for a few reasons, but one of which is that Mark and Marcie are thinking about converting a portion of their greenhouses into a wedding venue of sorts. I really hope they do! This location is beautiful, and would make the perfect backdrop for a wedding. I foresee a styled wedding session coming up. 😉

Here are the photos Philip and I snapped together. He is such a goofball. After a photo, I said, “Now don’t smile”, and he said “To be honest, I wasn’t smiling before.”. Scroll down, you can see the image he is almost frowning in. That’s the one!

To take these photos we used my camera’s wifi to connect to my cellular phone. This allows us to use the cell phone as a trigger. Using the cell phone/camera combo allows us a bit more ease than using the self timer, running back and forth! We bought the dress from Amazon Prime, the shoes I already had, and I spent a fair amount of time doing my makeup and hair.


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