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Glenview Mansion Engagement Photography

Sometimes waking up before the sun is worth it! And this was one of those times.

During the hot summer months it can be challenging to do photo shoots because it’s so dang hot and uncomfortable. For most of August and early September I always try to meet my clients at sunrise. This allows us to beat the heat and still get soft colors from the sun. Plus it gives me a reason to wake up early (otherwise I’d be in bed still!).

Kevin and Nicole are friends of mine who are always up for anything. Nicole is a fellow photographer who is always doing something new and fun. So, when I posted in a local group that I had a gorgeous bouquet and needed faces in front of my camera Nicole was happy to help!

We based this session off of the flowers, made by Yen of Chic Girl Flowers. She put together this lovely arrangement for us to play with and photograph. I love working with Yen because she is so easy going and cheerful!

Glenview Mansion is one of my go to spots, it’s close by and has a great variety of vibes for photos. It has a garden, brickwork and stone work, lots of parking and easy paths to use. Love it!

Not photographed are Kevin and Nicole’s twins! Maddie and Mason. They are such cuties. At once point Mason was my side kick, holding my hand and being my best buddy! Maddie really wanted to be in the photos with her parents, she’s such a model. 🙂

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