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Fells Point Sunrise Engagement Session


Fells Point Sunrise Engagement Session

You’ve heard me say it before, Sunrise light is gorgeous.

Fells Point in Baltimore is a beautiful location for photos and I am so happy I went there again!

I don’t do a lot of work in Baltimore. Its not that I don’t want to, but often my client base is local to the Rockville, Maryland area. So if we end up going elsewhere, it’s usually to Washington, DC. I am excited for 2019 and to further expand my client base into Baltimore. Fells point is the perfect example of a location that creates a gorgeous backdrop for any type of photos.

Jesslyn and Gary were so sweet for braving the cold weather! Recently I’ve had a lot of clients concerned with the cold and how it will affect their images. Here is it guys! Your images will be absolutely stunning! You might be cold for an hour (we try to warm up between shots), but you won’t remember the shivering, all you’ll remember is the amazing experience and the photos that froze those moments in time for you to relive.

Jesslyn and Gary are friends of another couple I recently had the pleasure of meeting, Andrew and Felicia. You can check out their session HERE.

We love getting referrals from our previous clients, even when it is indirectly. Jesslyn saw Felicia and Andrew posting images from their session with me so she decided to reach out! I am so glad she did.

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