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Featured Friday | Melissa’s Creations

Today we are featuring Rebeca’s business, Melissa’s Creations, a Flower design company based out of Germantown, Maryland.


Melissa’s Creations provides flowers arrangements for weddings, Sweet 16, Quinceaneras, and corporate events throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia.


Rebeca loves flowers. She has always has had a crafty side, even when she was a child. Melissa’s Creations was founded in memory of Rebeca’s daughter who passed away. Rebeca decided on Melissa’s Creations as the business names to always keep her daughter close to her heart. Originally the business was started as a party favor company but has since developed into a floral design business. The change came after Rebeca and her husband’s wedding. Rebeca did all the details at her own wedding, realizing this is where her passion is! Flowers also hold a special place in Rebeca’s heart because when she was a child her father would often bring flowers home to her mother.

Rebeca’s favorite part of the wedding day is seeing the brides in tears when they see the details of the wedding come together, especially the flowers.


In 2018 Rebeca would like to double her bookings from the previous year while continuing to provide excellent customer service.


Rebeca’s family is what keeps her motivated and moving forward. Her family is very supportive of her endeavors, and they are the drive that she uses to keep going. Rebeca’s ideal client is a client who has great communication and loves flowers!

Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most? And why?

“I admire Sarah Campbell from Intrigue Designs and Uche Ojunta of Designs By Oochay. What I love about Sarah is she is always happy. Her smile transmits great positive energy. She keeps me motivated. Uche is a hard worker and her designs are beautiful. She is very organized and detailed. Uche also works with her husband which reminds me to always stick with my husband to grow the company as a team. They have both been great mentors to me. I love them both!”


Melissa’s Creations

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Leave a comment telling us your favorite thing about flowers. Mine is that they are so versatile. You can have them on your table to brighten a room, incorporate them into a celebration, share them to show someone you love them. The list is never ending!

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