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Colorado Springs, Colorado Winter Wedding Celebration

This Winter Wedding in Colorado Springs, Colorado was nothing short of beautiful!

From the thousands of origami cranes her grandmother made, to dancing under the Colorado sunset, everything about their wedding day was surrounded in love and light. I am still overjoyed that I was trusted to photograph it!

I first met the Kim family a few years ago when they found me on Google and hired me to photograph their son, Gavin’s, Senior Photos. Since then, we have worked together on different projects and The Kim family has been a huge blessing to me and my business. I met Cody and Libby during The Kim’s family photos a few years back, just before they moved to Colorado to plant roots.

I remember, near the end of the session, we did a few portraits of Cody & Libby. I hoped in that moment, that wherever life took them, that they would have me photograph their wedding (they were not even engaged)! Libby and I have stayed connect via social media and in July I messaged her, letting her know that whenever she and Cody got engaged, I wanted to photograph their wedding. Funny enough, God was doing his work, because just the day before Libby and her mom were talking about that. Libby said, “I literally can’t think of anyone else I would want to capture that day”. This melted my heart. In August Cody proposed and the planning started. Libby & I chatted, and that was it! I am SO thankful to have been trusted to capture this special day for them.

Cody and Libby’s wedding day was gentle and calm. Libby shared an intimate moment with her mother after putting her wedding dress on, where Lisa told her daughter some great advice. Then she had her ‘first-look’ with her father. Tears were shed. Love was shared. Cody and Libby shared their vows privately, and intimately before the ceremony. They held hands while they made promises to one another, then shared a first look that was nothing short of stunning. During the ceremony everyone sang a worship song, before watching the bride and groom seal their vows with a kiss. At the reception Cody & Libby introduced their bridal party with personal stories of how they knew each person and memories they have shared.

At the reception, each table had hand-folded origami cranes scatter on them. These cranes were folded by Libby’s Grandmother, who folded one crane every time she said a prayer for Libby while she was in her mother’s womb. There are thousands of these little, tiny origami cranes. They are beautiful, both for their physical appearance and for their sentimental meaning.

This was such a special day for both families, coming together and sharing their love they have for the couple. Cody and Libby, I wish you the absolute best in this new adventure.

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