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Family Portraits | Northern Virginia

I did a styled shoot in June (I’ve been doing a lot of those this year; they are so fun!) and had the pleasure of meeting Yen Sadek. She was the florist for the session.

Family Portraits | Northern Virginia

Since then we’ve worked together on a few other projects. She has a sweet little family and I am happy to say I had the joy of meeting her family and doing family portraits.

We started out in their backyard for a few photos. The boys quickly became distracted so they climbed the play structure while I took a few photos of Yen and her husband. Once the boys got some energy out of their system we did a few more family portraits outside. We moved inside where the boys found their capes and we were sure to get photos of Batman and Superman! I love how little boys take their job as a super hero so seriously. They both pulled out all the super hero poses, and showed me all their tricks. Then we made our way to their private library that Yen made for them in their room. We read a few books and played some more.

It was a fun morning.

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