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Erica Clark || Packaging

Meet Erica.


You can learn more about Erica and her style on her website and facebook page. You won’t regret it.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve had a love affair with all things paper and stationary. Even as a teenager, I was always looking for the most unique and personalized gift packaging.


I would wrap CDs in sheet music and unravel and scrunch up the inside of cassette tapes for the bow.

Now, I totally allow my photography business to feed my love for boutique packaging.

I specialize in weddings and boudoir. I find that most of the clients who book me are women and let’s face it, we love pretty packages!


I want my clients to receive their products from me and feel like they are getting something special. Something high end. Something boutique.

I try to incorporate textures, colors, and unique elements.

My colors for my brand are currently teal and red. So any time I’m out and about, I keep my eyes peeled for those colors…on sale of course.

I even love scouring thrift stores and flea markets for little elements like vintage lace, twine, and even old wall paper.

The more unique the packaging, the better.

A few examples of elements that add a little bit of extra flair are: cloth, burlap, jute, baker’s twine, wax seals, washi tape, lace, buttons, ribbon, and even dried flowers.


I try to make each client’s experience different by switching up my wrapping supplies.

My arsenal has grown over the years and based on the response of my clients, this method of delivering a unique boutique products is a HIT!

The following is a list of vendors I use, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when shopping for packaging supplies. 😉

I print most of my press printed products through WHCC and ACI. ACI has biannual bogo sales…winning!

I buy my totes from Wedding Chicks, business cards from, and boxes from HB Photo Packaging.


The business cards double as hang tags. I love that. Dual purpose is a bonus when you’re on a packaging budget.

The petal enclosures are from Paper Source (best place on earth besides Ikea, of course).

Kraft & Jute, Paper Presentation, Nashville Wraps, Etsy are superb places to shop for lovely packaging for your boutique photography business. I highly recommend Kraft & Jute. The quality is fantastic and the customer service is wonderful.

I hope this post helps you channel your inner packaging queen!

Hugs and Tons of Love,

Erica xoxo”

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