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Elegant and Fashionable | Glenview Mansion Portrait Session

Meet Veronique

As you can tell by her radiant smile, she is a beautiful person, inside and out.

I worked with Veronique at Bethesda Country Club. She is one of the first faces you’ll see when you arrive at the club. Every day she puts her best foot forward. I love seeing all her different styles and ‘looks’. So we agreed to do a photo session for fun. We also did a Valentine’s Themed Photo Session last year together. You can check that out here.

A fun fact about Veronique’s style is that most of her outfits are very affordable. She is an experienced thrift shopper and finds the most adorable items. Her favorite piece of clothing is vintage burgundy dress she got at a thrift store for about 7 dollars. Her style whispers vintage and elegant; high couture.

Veronique is from Ghana, and missing the sheer butter for her skin. Ghana makes natural ingredients for the skin which Veronique loves!

For Veronique fashion goes deeper than just what you see. To her, it means being you. Fashion is anything that you put on that makes you stand out and gives you confidence. She wears what makes her feel happy, and inspires other through it.

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