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Editorial Portrait Session

Sometimes (more often than not) when I can’t sleep at night my mind starts running into creative corners. The past few weeks it’s been extreme so I decided to carry out some of the ideas. One was to make rainbow colored cupcakes, that went alright. Another was to do something (similar to these photos), where I have a unique design on the side of my face for a quick photoshoot.

I was nervous. I don’t wear a lot of makeup regularly, let alone anything like this. When I start something that doesn’t go as I envision I get overwhelmed and sometimes give up. But this went much easier than I thought; I am very happy with the results. The hardest part was doing my eye makeup, I prefer everything to be symmetrical which is challenging, especially with very little experience doing it.

Red lipstick is scary, but I think it worked with this look. I am happy with the results and will likely play with this type of thing again in the future. <3

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