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Dressing for your photo session | Fall Edition | Katy Murray Photography, LLC

Layers layers layers.

I love layers, especially for fall photo sessions as they give depth to the photos. We want you to be the focus on the images so layering up and drawing the viewers eye to you is important!

Textures. Knit sweaters, chucky outfits, and more textures! Textures add to the detail of the photos, making you stand out among the scenery.

Patterns. Patterns are fun! Just make sure they aren’t too overwhelming. A patterned scarf or a button up on the littlest one with a sweater over the top is the perfect splash of pattern!

Color. Some of my favorite fall colors are a rich emerald green, a deep maroon and a mustard yellow. These colors pop among nature while also embracing fall. I suggest staying away from a bright white. Rich tones are perfect for fall. A deep teal, a royal purple, navy and forest green are some other great options to consider when planning your outfits.


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