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Colorado Cozerie | Featured Friday


Colorado Cozerie is a small online boutique selling our patent pending sleep sack/duvet cover hybrids – the first lightweight sleep sack that lets you safely layer in any baby blanket to create a toasty warm sleeping bag, and converts to a toddler duvet cover to boot.


What is the inspiration behind your business?

“We’re based in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. After our daughter was born, we ended up with a million sleep sacks – lightweight, medium, heavyweight, small, medium, large, cotton, fleece, quilted…. It got ridiculous and quickly filled our child-size dresser. Even worse, we didn’t have anything that was heavy enough for camping in the mountains. I knew there were awesome, gorgeous down sleep sacks out there, and I wanted one but my wallet didn’t. We only needed a heavy sleep sack for a short period of time – what I wanted was a sleep sack that I could make as light or heavy as I wanted. Not only that, I wanted a solution that we could keep using after my daughter outgrew the sleep sack phase. I wanted a wearable duvet cover! So I create the Cozerie Cover – a baby sleep sack/toddler sized duvet cover hybrid. The first summer weight sleep sack that allows you to safely layer in any baby blanket to create a toasty warm sleeping bag. And when your toddler is ready to graduate to real bedding, flip your Cozerie Cover inside out through the snap opening to quickly and easily convert it into a toddler sized duvet cover.”


A little about the artist, Summer “I am a licensed architect, and like (almost) all architects, I put off starting a family until I got my “Career” firmly established. I love being an architect, I will always be an architect, but I have also always wanted to pursue a side gig. When my daughter was born, the onslaught of baby goods made my head spin – way too many “must haves” that you were meant to use for a 3-month stage of your baby’s life. I love that I can offer a product that is meant to be used for years instead of months.”

Find them on Instagram: @coloradocozerie

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