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Chris Sosa || Learn your gear

Meet Chris. He is guest blogging for me today on the topic of photography gear.

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Instagram: @chrissosaphotography

“Three and a three quarter years ago I bought my first DSLR. I went crazy learning by myself with apps, videos, and some personal training from a friend. I learned very early on to never buy gear until I reached a limitation with my current gear. I asked myself over and over what’s the limitation. Until one day I had my 50mm lens in a small room only getting faces. I needed something wider. That’s when I first needed my second lens. I was learning my gear to the fullest. Recently I watched Shaq vs, and also Charles Barkley race against famous race car driver, and my favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. In these videos these famous basket ball players were given the same car as Dale Earnhardt Jr, for shaqs video he had a stock car, for Charles a go cart. In every race no matter a go cart or a stock car Dale Jr crushes his competition as he would all of us. Why is that? That’s because he has experience. I believe it’s the same principle in photography. If we start off with a 5d mark III, we will take okay pictures but are you using that stock cars full potential? I think of it as having a stock car or Ferrari and being stuck in first gear. Over the last couple of years I learned my gear and was diligent on learning my camera and lenses. My off camera flash set up is under $500 that’s less than most flashes. How so? I learned with what I had and did research. Is it the best set up. Probably not, but I made it work. I used to work at a printing company that made invitations and I would check the exif data to see what camera and settings were used. I saw many 5d mark III cameras that had terrible photos. Yes, even expensive cameras take bad photos. I have learned every button on my camera and believe I am due for an upgrade and I’ve learned why I need the upgrade. I’ve gotten to a limitation in low light and quality that I want to upgrade. If I didn’t need low light i wouldn’t have a problem. Even with an iphone you can take great photos check out I have a post about 5 ways to take better iphone pictures. Basically to sum it up is that great light makes great pictures not expensive gear. I know all of us want the top of the line equipment, but that is not going to make us a better photographer or get more clients. My camera never changed I didn’t magically changed a button for awesome pictures. I learned the gear to the fullest and I learned light. I encourage you to learn light, even challenge yourself, can I take a portrait with an iphone? Also if you have been kind of down thinking your getting no where, go back and check out your first event, your first session. I did that and I flipped out, I couldn’t believe I was using the same camera. I truly have leaned the technical skills and still am not spending money I shouldn’t and not jumping into a race car before your ready. I can’t wait for the day I get a full frame, hopefully soon! I know I’m ready to race! Are you?”

This is one of Chris’ favorite photos he has taken.

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