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Chevy Chase Anniversary Session


These photos are from a recent session we did of ourselves. We planned it like a styled session because I knew that we could make something magical. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Jessica Liu did my hair & makeup, then I headed to Chevy Chase Maryland to meet Philip. He found a park nearby his work that we caught the sunset at. Philip looks so dapper all dresses up! Stephanie made the custom stationery which was the perfect complement to the bouquet that Mei Ye made. My dress is from Amazon, and I LOVE the color of it. We also snagged Philip’s tie off Amazon and it was the perfect color match.

Honestly, Philip makes me feel beautiful. He loves me. He cares for me. And he constantly supports and encourages me. I feel most beautiful when I am with him.

Whenever I blog about Philip and I’s marriage I fear that I am being repetitive. I likely am, but it’s all true things, how wonderful he is, how much I’ve learned over the years, and how much we have grown together, etc.

I’m searching my head to find something new and extravagant to talk about within our marriage.

A normal day off from work for us, is one of two options… Option one is, us sleeping in, cuddling and spending time together just being present. I’ll usually scratch his back, or he will tickle mine. Then we shower, eat breakfast (usually eggs), then we run any errands that need attending too, then we chill together at home. We might take a walk or play a board game. Then we relax and do nothing at all. Maybe squeeze in a nap. 😉

Option two is, us getting up really early to do an activity. It could be running a 5k, going to a volunteer event, or road tripping to a nearby city.

It’s almost always one of these two options and they are so much fun. No matter what I’m doing with Philip we often times laugh until our tummies ache and end up being way too goofy. We play cards or board games, and we like to eat! Our go to snack is a stick of cheese.

So, basically we are just two crazy in love people who are either total homebodies or wild adventurers. 😉

Photography & Styling: Katy Murray Photography, LLC Invitation Suite: Stephanie G Calligraphy Hair & Makeup: JL Hair and Makeup Bouquet: Boheme’s Jubilee




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