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Capitol Building Family Photo Session

When Mike and Ayesha contacted me for family photos I was excited to connect with them. Each year since their youngest son was born they’ve done family photos near his birthdate. Mike and Ayesha moved to Maryland from Chicago not long ago. Their last family session was with the Chicago skyline as the backdrop. Ayesha loves incorporating local attractions into their session, so we talked about meeting in DC. Originally, we had discussed the Lincoln Monument but opted to meet at the Capitol due to some construction at the Lincoln. The weather was beautiful for their sunrise session. Thankfully the kids did great even though it was a very early morning for them. There was a family of ducks and ducklings in the Capitol Reflecting pool which the kids loved! The ducklings were so little and really cute! It was enjoyable to watch the kid’s excitement of the family of ducks. We walked around the reflecting pool and to the steps of the Capitol Building. The kids played as we walked, they were full of energy and excitement.

Capitol Building-Family-Photo-Session
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