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Camp Mary Orton || Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography

Camp Mary Orton || Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography

Okay, back up five years or so, I met Brooke, Christian’s cousin at Target. Fast forward to this spring when Philip and I drove to Columbus, Ohio for Brooke and Seth’s engagement session at Columbus Park of Roses. Brooke mentioned her cousin was also getting married and was interested in engagement photos.

We all met up in Columbus, Ohio for the engagement session. Christian and Allie were total goofs (in the best way possible). To the point that Christian jumped off a tower like structure for the ‘shot’, not to mention he jumped over a hedge bush just because!

Fast forward to July when Christian and Allie tied the knot at Camp Mary Orton, in Columbus, Ohio. I am so honored they hired me to photograph their wedding!

Christian and Allie are supper laid back. Allie arrived at the venue with her hair in a messy top knot and started setting table numbers on their respective table, while hugging everyone in her path. Meanwhile, Christian was trying to stay away from his bride, laughing with friends and family. Camp Mary Orton was such a pleasant venue for their wedding day. The ceremony was set up on the lawn with a line of trees as the backdrop. To the right of the ceremony spot were rows of little cabins. The reception was in a lodge, that had the perfect amount of light leaking in, with the high ceiling and the wood flowers it was a pretty warm glow.

My favorite part of Christian and Allies Columbus, Ohio Wedding was definitely the portraits. The bridal party was a fun-loving group, happy friends, who were genuinely happy for their two friends to be promising forever to one another. At one point were doing photos and the groomsmen decided to pick Christian up, it made him look like a super hero. The girls followed suit and next thing I know I am photographing Christian and Allie lifted on top of their bridal party holding hands!


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